Enkhtaivan Sukhbaatar
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Greetings in the peace of Jesus Christ.

My name is Enkhtaivan Sukhbaatar. You can call me Taivnaa.

I accepted the call to serve Jesus Christ at the age of 19, studied at YWAM’s DTS and have been serving YWAM full-time for 21 years. I am in my 14th year serving as YWAM Darkhan Mongolia base leader. My wife’s name is Odnoo. We have 5 beautiful children, a gift from God. My wife works full-time in YWAM and is in charge of family ministry. At our YWAM Darkhan Mongolia base, 22 full-time staff and 15 volunteer staff are doing a total of 14 services. Our current ministries are New Gen DTS, Nomads DTS, Mini DTS, Teenagers David Training, Family Ministry, Plumbline ministry, Mission and Research Strategic ministry, Church plant, Children’s Seed ministry, Mercy ministry, Worship ministry, Publishing ministry, King’s kids Kindergarten, Evangelism and Bible distribution ministry, 

In 2014, I received the call from the Lord to plant a church and started Vision Church, and now 52 adults, more than 20 teenagers, and more than 30 children attend our church.

”Blessed is the people of whom this is true; blessed is the people whose God is the Lord.“

Psalms 144:15