Monica & Steve Ruby
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Shalom! We are Monica & Steve Ruby, and having a heart for Israel and the Jewish people, our Heavenly Father has opened the door for us to go to Jerusalem and minister in the place where He has chosen to place His name. We will be serving with the organization CFI (Christian Friends of Israel), with Steve serving as an administrative assistant in their main office, and Monica providing social work services to the Ethiopian Jewish community. Your prayers that we can bring hope, truth, and light to the Jewish people are appreciated!

UPDATE APRIL 13, 2024: Israel was hit with drone strikes from Iran today and we are scheduled to depart on Tuesday, April 16, arriving in Israel on Wednesday, April 16th.  No idea at this point if our flight will be cancelled or not. :-(  Praying we’ll still make it into the Land in time for Passover! <3


7 June 2024 Well a lot has happened since the last time we updated this-we definitely made it to Israel on our scheduled date and we’ve been here almost two months now and are adjusting well.  We recently moved into our permanent apartment (still lots of unpacking to do), and hopefully we can start Hebrew classes soon.

Yours prayers are always appreciated!