Nadiia Panova
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My name is Nadezhda Panova. I am from Ukraine.

Before the war, I was the manager of the Lviv Croissant café in the city of Severodonetsk (at the beginning of the war my cafe was destroyed by a missile strike) and I was also part of the church-planting team in that city. Now, I am in another country. I wasn‘t looking for any kind of recognition or anything like that for myself, just prayerfully asking for guidance so that God would send me to a place where I would be useful. God heard me, and He arranged everything so beautifully. Now I minister in and I‘m one of the team leaders of the Ukrainian church in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The church is very new, but it has great prospects and plans for the future. So now what am I doing? I serve my congregation, help organize and hold a house prayer group, women‘s meetings, teen meetings, as well as Sunday service in the church. Everything we do for God is important and necessary, but I now have a new important purpose: to reach people, help them see God and get to know Him, and give Him my heart.

I would be very grateful if you became part of my support team, not only praying for us, but especially praying for the ministry of which I am a part. You can also write to me if you are interested in our prayer newsletter and I will keep you updated on specific ways you can pray for this ministry. E-mail: