Niko Peele
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About Us

Niko Peele is the Executive Director of Ignite Movement, a Christian nonprofit that helps establish and advance vibrant Gospel communities and united movements on college campuses and in cities. Niko has spent over a decade traveling and ministering. He is passionate about calling young people to merge their passion for Jesus with Christ-like action to see catalytic change in the world. Niko also serves on the leadership team for Collegiate Day of Prayer and is a member of the National Prayer Committee.

Carole Ann serves alongside Niko with Ignite Movement. Before serving with Ignite she spent over a decade serving in children’s ministry, and even longer as a worship leader. Carole Ann is passionate about creating space for individuals and groups to meet with God, go deeper in their relationship with Him, and as a result live out their highest Kingdom potential. She is also passionate about healthy marriages, family, and advocating for children. 

They reside in Raleigh, NC with their two children, Evelyn and Elijah.

Ignite Movement 

Ignite’s vision is to see college campuses and cities transformed by the reality of the Gospel. How we feel call to work towards this vision is through establishing and advancing vibrant Christian communities and movements on college campuses and cities. We want to provide an opportunity for every student and young person to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus, grow in their faith, and be equipped to make meaningful Kingdom impact in their sphere of influence.

We are growing and active on several college campuses and host yearly trainings, retreats, and national conference.