Kristian Neitzke
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Forgive us, but because of security reasons we can only provide limited information:

My wife and I work since over 25 years with orphans, literature translation in countries where the gospel is forbidden, we speak five languages (dutch, german, english, ukrainian, russian), live currently in Germany where we take care of refugees, evangelize, teach in school and foster between seven to nine children. Some are refugees who are without parents or children who have a difficult passt and just need a warm, welcoming nest to come to rest. We have some other ministries we can not talk about due to it’s sensitive nature.

We lived a great deal of our lives in Ukraine and are weekly in touch with ministry partners which we support. Most ministries started because the great need like a soup kitchen in a village where only old people live who had nowhere to flee to, a volountary chapelan who first came to the front lines to give the young soldiers some hot tea and was asked to pray with them because they did not know how too.

So…we are busy as you can see and need first and foremost your prayer, can we count on you?

You can pray for our family, wisdom, safety, health, time-management, people we support in Ukraine and others who could support us. Thank you!

Currently on our top (of our praylist):        Until the war started we lived in the Western Part of Ukraine where life is less dangerous. We build a big house with the goal to foster children from orphanages. Due to the war we moved and continue our ministry in Germany. The house in Ukraine is used for refugees from the eastern parts who come sometimes with little more than their bare clothes. We would like to have a family type orphanage for children who lost their parents in this terrible war and are looking for partners to support us. If you know someone, please contact us!