charles victor
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Charles & Eunice: We are a cross-cultural family from India and Spain, We have two children Issac & Asha, We came back to India 7 years ago with a desire to see a change in this Nation. Charles has been working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has gone to different nations in the world to preach the Gospel and teach in the different seminars, Church about the person of the Holy Spirit. He moved to India and has a great passion for the Nation of India to empower young people through church planting, running the school of the Holy Spirit, and skill development courses for women from underdeveloped backgrounds. Eunice came to India called by God 10 years ago to work among children and young people she loves seeing young women Restored getting to know God as a father. Together they run a ministry called Papas House India reaching out the youth of India. They have shared the Love of Jesus to 112 nations