Tiffany Williams
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Tiffany Williams

Licensed Pastoral Counselor

& Certified Life Coach 

Helping front-line ministers THRIVE in their personal lives, in their family relationships, and in their God-given assignments on the earth.

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What is a “Frontline Minister?”

Frontline Minister: /ˈfrənt ˈˌlīnˈminəstər/ noun

A leader among ministers who has sacrificed their reputation, public approval, and sometimes safety in order to ensure the following:-advancement of the Kingdom-protection of Christian valuesmorality and religious freedom-the winning of souls


THEY’RE HEROES! And they need more emotional and pastoral support.

75% of Full-Time Ministers

report being “extremely stressed” or “highly stressed”*

70% of Full-Time Ministers

constantly fight depression*

80% of Full-Time Ministers believe their pastoral ministry has negatively affected their families and 33% said it was an outright hazard*

77% of Full-Time Ministers 

say that their marriage is struggling and their families feel under-supported*

* (1) David Ross and Rick Blackmon’s “Soul Care for Servants”  research study in 1991 and other surveys in 2005 and 2006. (2) Francis A Schaeffer Inst. of Church Leadership Development studies in 1998 and 2006. (3) Leadership Magazine’s research for their article on “Marriage Problems Pastors Face,” Fall 1992 issue. (4) Grey Matter Research, 2005 scientific study of pastors from every city in America. (5) Pastors at Greater Risk by H.B. London and Neil B. Wiseman, 2003. (6) Focus on the Family 2009 survey of 2,000 pastors. (7) Leadership Journal poll of readers, 2013.

what if front-line ministers could get the PASTORAL & emotional support that they desperately need?

What is “Pastoral and Emotional Support?”

Pastoral & Emotional Support:/ˈpastərəl əˈmōSH(ə)n(ə)l səˈpôrt/ VERB

  • Intentional assistance to receive:

personal development and discipleshipgodly counsel and tools for cultivating exceptional relationshipsa safe place to process pain and receive loving correction


To Be a Long-Hauler and Not Burn Out

To Keep Their Hopes Up! (and “leak” rivers of hope onto a dry world)

To Make a Radical Difference in the World!

What kind ofpastoral & emotional support does tiffany provide?

Pastoral Care/Inner Healing Ministry

Tiffany is a trained inner-healing minister, as well as a licensed pastor. She helps others connect with God about painful memories, identify lies that they believe and let go of them, discover and break unhealthy attachments, gain a deeper grasp of their God-given identity, God’s fondness of them, healing, true transformation and more!

Life Coaching 

Tiffany is a the founder & CEO of RelateAbility Life Coaching and is a certified Life Coach.  With many years’ experience equipping individuals and couples to discover their God-given passions, giftings, and callings, Tiffany helps others live a fulfilling and benevolent life, letting nothing hold them back. 

Relational & Team Support

Drawing upon her business history of raising up and working with hundreds of leaders, Tiffany hosts workshops, trainings, and small group sessions that help teams become the most effective and cohesive team possible! Tiffany also helps teams work through relational issues, understand and value each other in a deeper way, learn to communicate more effectively, and strategically plan and build for greater effectiveness.

Why Become a MEMBER of Tiffany’s Financial SUPPORT TEAM?

All Donations are Tax Deductible!  

Not everyone is called to the front lines-but anyone can support those who are.

if you have a heart to maintain Christian values in our country and beyond, you might consider helping Tiffany support those who are doing this work so they can keep going and not burn out

Support the Williams Family and Equipped to Love (Ken’s ministry) 

Tiffany also lends pastoral support to Ken’s ministry team, allowing them to continue to fight the good fight, and supporting Ken to be able to focus more of his time on co-leading CHANGED and Equipped to Love!Ken, Tiffany, and their kids are a ministry family, so supporting Tiffany in ministry means you’re also supporting their whole family to thrive and be a witness to God’s ability to truly bring true and lasting CHANGE.

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Tiffany is an incredible coach. She is highly professional, a ton of fun, kind, compassionate and led by the Holy Spirit! She not only treated me like a client, but also a friend. I had received so much freedom in just 6 sessions and “Self- Critic” seems to be less than a friend now. Time after time, I had to silence him and tune my ears to listen to my best friend (Jesus)’s voice instead. It gets easier and quicker! Thanks, Tiffany, for walking me through this process!P.Malaysia

I used to feel like it “all depended on me.” I had built unhealthy thought patterns that left me feeling frustrated, dissatisfied with my reality, and never good enough. Tiffany’s non-judgmental approach was life-giving and provided a safe place for me to be authentic and have grace for myself. I now know that my attention to detail is a gift. I feel less condemnation and I believe that God has provided joy even for me. I look forward to discovering more of His goodness and grace that are mine in Christ. 



Before meeting with Tiffany, I felt like I wasn’t being myself or even knew who I was. She helped me see that I was actually pushing aside and suppressing my feelings, opinions, thoughts to conform to what I thought others needed from me. She helped me to understand my pitfalls  and the incorrect views I had. I now have the tools I need to navigate my inner world and the courage to do things I may have not done before.G. Georgia

Before working with Tiffany, I felt chronically worn out from all of my daily feelings of sadness, self doubt, shame, never feeling good enough, and feeling like a huge part of me was missing and if I could only find it!  Tiffany gave me God’s truth that I  so desperately needed to hear! This transformed my life to the point that I could jump start my dream business and actually help others. Her prophetic words, kind, and caring heart was exactly the type of person I needed to guide me through this beautiful journey. I have so much appreciation and gratitude for the work Tiffany does! K.Ohio

I can not recommend Tiffany as a coach enough.  When I came to her for coaching I was confused and frustrated.  I had been told I was a specific personality type because of my actions, but Tiffany spent time patiently asking me questions and going deeper asking about the motivation of the answers. I left feeling validated, known, and clarity as to what I would get to do to thrive in who I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and how to move forward to be the best version of myself.”  R.


Tiffany is unique being gifted as both a pastor and an apostle. She has the ability not only to effectively minister to individuals and groups, but also to pioneer and network in powerful ways. The body of Christ globally needs people like Tiffany who can not only bring healing and restoration to its members but also strength and vitality so we can usher in the kingdom of God with power and authority as we should. J.California