Stephen Phillips
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We are truly an international family. I am from southern California, my wife, Naíme, is Lebanese Mexican from Sonora and all but one of our 4 children were born in Barcelona. If you were to come to our house you would hear us alternate between 3 different languages: English, Spanish and Catalan. Most of the time we understand each other. We have four children: Sebastián (22), Stephen (21), Naíme (19) & Sofia (14). They all live with us here where they study, work, walk our dog “Goku” and live beautiful lives. We love Jesus, Spain, football (soccer) and God’s kingdom.

Stephen Phillips

Steve is an ordained Anglican rector (lead pastor) laboring in two different churches, one in Barcelona and another in Sabadell, a city west of Barcelona. He also teaches Systematic Theology and Biblical Hebrew in a Spanish Bible school.

Naíme enjoys teaching ESL (English as a second language) at a school in the town where we live (Vilassar de Mar). She also counsels women and volunteers on our church council.