Chih Yu Huang
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Desire to see every human being encounter Jesus who died on cross and resurrected by the Holy Spirit. Passion to encourage people to be transformed by God. With a heart for revival, God showed me what is happening in Japan and Asia. And this is my new chapter.

My journey of turning ashes into beauty began when I supernaturally encountered with God. In my broken relationship with my ex, my family and colleagues that is 11 years now. God has transformed me and restored all relationships. Even divorcing happened, God also invaded the heart of my ex who wasn’t a believer but now is. For God loves us first, no-one can reject.

God gave me two visions. The first one is in 2018 about His revival happening in Japan and to co-labor with Him; another one is in 2019 about mass crusade in Asia when I was studying at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (bssm). After 3rd year graduated from bssm in 2021, God took me to join Bootcamp of Christ For All Nations (cfan) to learn what evangelism is and how to conduct and lead mass crusades. This training has helped me to strengthen boldness with the Holy Spirit.

My YES to God for sending me to Japan for the revival where it is going to overflow in Asia. Japan plays a key role in this and I can see many Japanese awakening and seeing God. Jesus is the King of kings they are going to worship.