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The Talbots ministry, Improving Justice, seeks to educate and equip Students and Advocates in the spheres of law and government with a biblical Christian worldview on important social-legal issues so they can serve Christ and improve justice in their countries. The main vehicle they started for this mission is a research and think tank, called the Isaiah Institute – Serving Justice Advocates (IISJA). In 2021, Improving Justice and this Institute joined YWAM and its University of the Nations, with its own justice-equipping mission for nation-building. This is an exciting partnership for the Talbots which strengthens their efforts in equipping others for pursuing biblical justice around the world.

For over 15 years the Talbots have taught university students in countries such as Indonesia, South Korea, Romania, and Cambodia. They have seen firsthand the crushing impact sin and injustice can have on developing nations. Sadly, this is often the direct result of broken local and national justice systems. This concern is the impetus for their call to serve in this area.

In addition to equipping and inspiring Students and Advocates to bring biblical justice to their communities by studying biblical principles on law and justice first, the Institute also seeks to identify and share solid advocacy training resources in ten basic subjects, including:  1) Intercessory prayer for justice and restoration (advocacy’s true starting point)2) Rule of law, anti-corruption (seeking good governance);3) Religious liberty (keeping legal doors open for sharing the gospel);4) Seeking human rights and justice for the poor, needy, and oppressed (including access to justice, anti-sex trafficking, refugee assistance, combatting modern slavery, land grabbing and local thuggery, etc.);5) Safeguarding sanctity of human life (against abortion, suicide, euthanasia, addressing stem cell issues, etc.);6) Upholding traditional marriage and family in accordance with God’s design (against secularism’s re-definitions, and exploitative sexual policies, including combatting child bride practices);7) Peace and reconciliation (interpersonal or international and ethnic)8) Sustainable development (CSR, especially partnering with NGOs and others)9) Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (assisting first responder Christian NGOs)10) Health Justice (sharing truth on health issues, given the misinformation on Covid and other diseases) It’s the Talbots’ hope that practical advocacy resources in these 10 areas (developed and shared through trusted partners and colleagues), along with the foundational Christian worldview resources on justice and on these vexing social issues in this list above, will provide Christian advocates a solid arsenal of resources to help combat injustices in ‘hot spots’ in their nations and around the world. Professor Talbot’s most recent book, Improving Justice on the Earth: A Summary Christian Worldview on Law, Justice, and Government is available as a study guide resource on for students, advocates and Christians concerned with biblical justice, globally.

“My righteousness draws near speedily, my salvation is on the way, and my arm will bring justice to the nations.(Isaiah 51:5)