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Prague Christian Fellowship Ministry Center.

After completing 22 years of ministry in the post communist country of the Czech Republic we feel it is time to buy a property we can use 24-7 to build the kingdom of God and help grow the local church. Please play the video to hear our heart.

Help Purchase PCF’s Ministry Center

Církev Křesťanské společenství – “KS” (Christian Fellowships) are independent, indigenous Czech churches (registered with the Czech Ministry of Culture) formally established in 1990. With contemporary worship services, Bible-based teaching, and an emphasis on meeting regularly in small groups to build relationships, the denomination has grown quickly. There are now about a dozen KS congregations in Prague and close to fifty throughout the Czech Republic.

Each local church has its own pastor and elders. A council of KS pastors addresses national issues and provides oversight for the churches. Since the end of 1996 our English-speaking community has been led by Pastors John and Kelsie Mullen.Our community is the English-speaking community of this larger Czech body (KS) and is made up of Christians from many countries and various traditions. Our ministry and outreach are focused on the International and English-speaking communities in Prague.Our worship is expressive, our teaching based on the Word of God, and our ministry dependent on the leading of the Holy Spirit. We hope to be known for our belief in Jesus Christ and our love for one another (1 John 3:23-24).

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