Quinn Evans
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I am blessed to continue as a Missionary for YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and have recently relocated to serve YWAM Ships in Kona, Hawaii.   I felt called to fill their need for a Graphic Designer at Port YWAM training and support center.   The big island of Hawaii is ideally situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean to bring healthcare and transformation to the over 700 isolated islands accessible only by ship.

 From the founder to the Janitor, everyone at YWAM volunteers their service and must raise their own support through their sphere of family and friends.   If you feel led to help me continue on my Missionary path there are two ways to help . . .

1)    Make a singular donation in any amount here on this Modern Day page

2)   Choose a monthly donation in any amount to help  sustain my commitment to continue to serve this great cause.

(Both of these options here on MODERN DAY will provide a tax deductible receipt)

And as always, it is most important to have your thoughts and prayers.

With love and appreciation,


P.S. I am also trying to be a freelance Graphic Designer for hire on the weekends to help raise funds for my missionary work so if you need any flyers, logos, brochures, business cards, resumes, etc made let me know! I work for donations only.

Quinn Evans

YWAM Ships is a beacon of hope, serving isolated islands and remote shores where ships often the only lifeline.  Guided by divine purpose, we deliver services like dental care, eye exams, surgeries, and immunizations.  Together, we’re more than a mission; we’re a beacon of love reaching 936 untouched islands yearning for care.


From our heart and headquarters in Kona, Hawaii, we train missionaries from all walks of life to carry this light of hope. They selflessly devote themselves to this noble cause, embodying compassion and bravery. With your generous support, we can illuminate even the most remote areas with love and transformation. Join us in this blessed journey of service and change.