Remi & Sara
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Remi and Sara have been on the mission field since 2005, serving in Israel, Cyprus, and the Middle East. In 2018, Remi and Sara, together with their four children, were sent out from Cyprus to pioneer a ministry base in Marseille, France, called MESSILAH.
MESSILAH is a community centered on God’s presence and His infallible Word; committed to worship and intercession, discipleship, and following the rhythm of the Biblical Feasts.
Remi and Sara desire to see revival come to hearts, families, and communities. Their goal is see people, young and old alike, loved back to life and set free to walk fully in their identity as sons and daughters.
Through discipleship, they want to see a generation raised up to affect change and bring about a great revival in Europe. They desire to see France, and Europe, fulfill God’s call to be a light to Israel and the Nations, and to stand as together, as one body, in the last days.