Samuel Yongbo Kwon
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Twenty years ago, our spiritual father Lou Engle launched a movement of fasting and prayer known as TheCall. Hundreds of thousands gathered in stadiums and arenas across America to seek God. Millions of young people were impacted by the message of consecration, prayer, and unity. Though TheCall has come to a glorious end, we believe that the calling has not. There is still the call to Contend. Launched out of TheCall, Contend is seeking to bring this expression to the next generation. Contend has gone out across America, stirring up grassroots movements of thousands of young people and mobilizing mass gatherings of prayer and fasting targeted at the next generation. What began decades ago, is now moving forward through the next generation of double-portion sons and daughters. Our nation is in desperate need of the mercy of God and another great spiritual awakening, which will only come as the Body of Christ gathers together in prayer. We must drop every barrier that divides us and unite in prayer with the promise that God will pour out His Spirit (Joel 2). Let’s believe that campuses, cities, and even arenas and stadiums will be filled with fasting and prayer, signs and wonders, and the proclamation of the Gospel.

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