Catharine Watters
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Hi! My name is Scarlett Watters, and I am currently a student at Liberty University in Virginia! I come from a big family in a small town in Tennessee. My major of choice is Nursing with a Minor in Arabic with 2 years left in the program. My hope is to enter into the medical field as a servant of God and help people not only domestically but internationally as well, all while being a light for Christ.
I am married to my wonderful husband of 4 years, Henry, who is by far my biggest supporter. Our desire in life is to act in obedience and follow where the Lord leads, and right now, it seems like the Lord is leading me towards an internship working at a hospital in the UAE. Within this internship, I will not only learn the inner workings of the hospital and how I will be expected to care for and serve others in the future, but it will help me practice my communication skills in the Arabic language to make connections with others across the world and share the love of Christ. This internship is an important steppingstone to allowing me to practice honing skills that will be important for future service to others. Please, if you feel led, consider partnering with me and investing not just in me, but the work that I will be doing for others to act as a light for Christ.