Seth Mason
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Hello, I’m Seth Mason from North Carolina.

I teach middle school English and P.E. in El Carmen, Mexico. I also help with youth ministry and coach basketball. God has blessed me with an incredible opportunity to teach English in El Carmen and reflect Christ to the students and community. God has been doing many great things in Mexico and I will have the privilege to serve alongside a Mexican church and another missionary who are dedicated to Christ and the community in El Carmen.

About me:

I accepted Christ as my savior when I was young, and since then I have grown in my faith and knowledge. I am grateful for what Christ did on the cross for all of us. The past 4 years leading up to Mexico were difficult, but God worked so much in that time to prepare me for this opportunity. I was able to get experience teaching ESL in my hometown. I taught many students from Mexico, and God put a love in my heart for the Mexican people and culture. I also coached middle school basketball for two years. I am grateful for these experiences, as they have prepared me for what I will do in El Carmen.

Mission in El Carmen, Mexico:

About 15 years ago, the church in El Carmen saw a need in the community for a better middle school. God gave them the resources to start a private Christian middle school with a focus on better education and ministering to the youth. They have positively impacted students, families, and the community. As a testimony, people and families have come to know the Lord, and there has been an increase in people wanting to serve God. My prayer is that more students, families, and people in the community will know Jesus personally and live for Him. Please pray for the missions in El Carmen, Mexico.

Modern Day Missions has given me a platform to share what God is doing in El Carmen, and I am very thankful. My goal is to raise $1,200 per month in support. If you feel called to give, your generous support will go toward the mission in EL Carmen and covering my basic living expenses.

Feel free to contact me with any questions: