Sherri Buck
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Sherri collects Quinceañera and formal dresses for girls that are survivors of sex trafficking and abuse in Mexico. Her mission is to bring hope to the girls in Mexico and other regions by fostering their self-worth and dignity by guiding them towards the realization that true freedom, healing, hope, and a promising future can only be found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you ask Sherri when she was called to the mission filed, she will tell you she remembers sitting in class when she was a little girl, daydreaming about being like Mother Teresa.  Throughout Sherri’s life she experienced multiple life events that caused her to think those dreams were lost and unreachable.

Before Sherri enrolled and graduated from Texas A&M in 1996, she found herself in a shelter for battered women where she struggled to support herself and her two children for almost two years. After graduation, she moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex where she began volunteering part-time on a prayer line for a radio program called Praise in the Night hosted by Steve Solomon until he began pastoring Riverwalk Fellowship.  She then working part-time at the church and was on staff for just over 20 years until it closed due to his passing.  During this time Sherri also worked full-time for World Healing Center Church for close to 7 years.  It was through her service and working with both ministries that she was able to connect with missionaries and join them on short-term mission trips.

In June 2022, she had an encounter with Jesus where he told her, that her life would be changing.  In August, she went on her first medical mission trip to Mexico.  While the primary focus of the trip was to hold medical clinics in villages on the outskirts of Mexico City, the trip included visits to a group of 8 children’s homes.  Approximately 45 days later, things began change when she returned to Mexico joining up another medical mission group.

That is when Sherri met a girl who was new to the home.  During their visit, she learned the girl was 15 years old.  That night on Sherri’s way back to her room she was overwhelmed with sadness for the girl, as she realized she most likely missed her Quinceañera celebration.  The next day, Sherri spoke with the director of the children’s homes and learned they try to do something for the girls when they turn 15.  However, the dresses are so costly they do not have the budget for them.

On February 28, 2023, Sherri located the first Quinceañera dress.  By March 26, 5 more dresses were donated.  In June, Sherri took a total of 27 dresses to Mexico and shared her personal story (testimony) with the girls.  The arrival of the dresses was timely as Sherri learned the girls who were graduating from junior high and high school were secretly trying to borrow dresses from classmates in order to have something nice to wear for their graduation pictures.  To the girls’ surprise Sherri and the director’s wife brought out the donated dresses and had a mini-fashion show, as each girl tried on and picked her special occasion dress.

Just 2 days before Sherri departed for a medical mission trip to Thailand, she was ordained in September 2023 as a minister.  Instead of returning to the states with the group, she traveled to Napal where she visited a home for children that were rescued from sex trafficking.  During the visit, she handed out gifts, shared her story and talked with the children.

To date, a total of 110 dresses have been collected for the girls in Mexico.  Her next trip to Mexico is scheduled in February 2024.

Sherri Buck

I’m overflowing with gratitude for my friends and supporters known and unknown.  Each one of you has left an INCREDIBLE imprint on the ministry that God has called me to serve. As I prepare for next year’s missions, will you please prayerfully consider contributing monthly?

I will make sure I apply Godly stewardship when it comes to the use of your funds.  They will be used wisely for the intended kingdom purpose. I don’t just need your financial support; I truly covet your prayers.  Your involvement in each trip through whatever means, is important.

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Sherri Buck