Slaton Family
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Marvin + Andrea + Judah + Isaiah + Lydiah

Marvin is the Director for Modern Day Missions. He has been involved with missions in some capacity for going on two decades. He has both been sent and a part of sending many others to their callings internationally. As Director, Marvin is responsible for carrying out the vision of Modern Day.Marvin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communication from UT Tyler in addition to his 3 years of discipleship training through Hampton Master’s Commission.  He also enjoyed 3 years of directing Lifewalk, a discipleship school of Shady Grove Church, in Grand Prairie, TX. In addition, he served as a staff pastor at Soma Church in Tyler, TX for 5 years and still serves as an elder.Marvin and his wife Andrea have three kids, Judah, Isaiah & Lydiah. They reside in the great state of Texas, in the city of Tyler.

Slaton Family

What a joy it is to serve the Lord in the nations!!