Jeanne Smith
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Hi, I’m Jeanne, a disciple of Jesus for 30 years I have been helping people to follow Jesus, develop their love for Him, and learn how to love their neighbors. We call this Relational Church. For 13 years, my husband Keith and I helped Jesus followers in Germany, as well as many other countries. Keith went to heaven in 2018, and since then I have been learning how to move forward as I follow Jesus on my own again.

As I seek God’s way forward for me. I will continue to help others follow Jesus, and I look to see the Lord lead me clearly into future ministry for the years ahead. My interests are to keep helping Jesus-followers, and also to come alongside field workers who need encouragement, mentoring or coaching.

I have recently started working with the Perspectives course. Working with course administration. I am looking forward to helping equip others to answers God’s call.