Stephen and Eugenia Brock
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My wife and I moved to Turkey, with our three boys, when the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out. We are currently working in the city of Antalya with the local church to do outreach to displaced Ukrainian orphanages in the area, as well as Russian and Ukrainian families seeking refuge from the war.
Our hope is to lean into what God is doing in us as a family, spread the love of Jesus to those around us, and help in whatever practical ways we can along the way. Currently, this means helping with supplies, clothes, and toys for the orphanages, and volunteering to do Sunday school-type programs with the kids there. We’re also supporting events for the Russian-speaking immigrants in our community to help them feel welcome and befriended in a foreign country.


Stephen and Eugenia Brock


  • Guitars
    Music lessons have a been a huge help to kids experiencing trauma and present an opportunity to connect on a deeper emotional level. Three kids guitars were donated earlier last year and have since been in need of some repair, adjustments, and new strings. Total repair costs: $80
  • Orphan Birthdays
    Each month, our team publishes a list of birthday wishes from our Ukrainian kids who have birthdays that month!
    December: Large Suitcase x3 ($40 x3), Bicycle ($100), Running shoes($30)
  • Weekly Craft Supplies
    Every Friday we have a bible class for our Ukrainian kids that includes a craft. Usually there’s about 20-40 kids that show up and we have given ourselves a budget of $35 each week for craft supplies.
  • Medical X-RAY for nose injury not covered by insurance ($250)