Salvador Velazquez
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SV6 Ministry exists to share the love of God with others and disciple the next generation. By using soccer as a connector, we reach young people around the world for the sake of the Kingdom.
The majority of our time is spent in America where we serve young men in need of mentorship- training them in soccer skills, helping them get into colleges or achieve their goals, and discipling them to be men after God’s heart.
Throughout the year we take regular short-term trips around the world where we are building relationships with local churches, the people, and using soccer as an “in” to help raise up a strong generation of solid young people who know who they are and Whose they are.


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Upcoming Events:

June 25-28, 2023
$700  Hawaii Soccer Clinic

November 25-30th, 2023

1,500 Brazil ANS Hope Tour

December 2-9, 2023

$ 1,500 El Salvador Aspire Tour