Allyster Taubeneck
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The Taubeneck’s

Brussels, Belgium

Allyster and Laetitia have served the Church with joy together for over 10 years.

Allyster, originally from Texas, felt God’s call to the French-speaking world when he was just 18. He left his native America to learn French and become a missionary. The following years were devoted to biblical and practical training within his church. In 2010, the door opened for Belgium, which has since become his adopted home and heartland. He serves the Lord through his gifts as a musician, leadership training, teaching and pastoral care.

Laetitia, a former atheist from Brussels, had a life-changing encounter with Jesus at the age of 21 after reading the Bible. She went on to study theology and serve the Church in Belgium and abroad. She is passionate about restoring hearts and families, and has been training in this field for almost 15 years. They are the happy parents of three boys under the age of 10!

Allyster and Laetitia are driven by a deep love for the Church, and a desire to see people authentically connected to God and each other. They have been ordained pastors since 2014 and are supported in ministry by a network of churches in Belgium and the USA.

Today, they are the senior pastors of Ecclesia Church, in Nivelles, and are living their lifelong dream of serving God as a family and with friends.

In addition to this, we both serve on the teaching staff of European Worship Institute – an organization that equips church worship leaders and musicians with practical hands-on training and conferences. Our individual passion projects are Collectif Cieux Ouverts and Laetitia & Fils.


Why Belgium?

Less than 2% of the Belgian population has heard the Gospel. Europe, the cradle of the Reformation and modern missions movement, is now in spiritual decline.

In every town and village, we still find relics of religion: church towers and steeples that remind us of the movements of God, but which are now, for the most part, monuments to the past.

Our vision is for Ecclesia, His Church, called by Him for His purposes.

Our mission is to be a church that makes disciples, who in turn make disciples (apprentices of Jesus). We want to help everyone to: believe in Jesus, find their place in His family, become a disciple and share His love.

Collectif Cieux Ouverts


With over 64k subscribers and 25 million plays, Collectif Cieux Ouverts is a group of artists from France and Belgium who’s aim is to write original French compositions for the francophone church. The worship scene in the English-speaking world is quite prolific. You could sing 4 new songs every Sunday, and never run out of content. In the French-speaking world, there is exponentially less content. Our heart is to resource the church with original French compositions – giving language for people to speak to God in their native tongue. This helps alleviate the need to invest time and resources into translating songs from English – as well as meeting people where they are.

Album Abba Père

We recorded and released our second live album in April 2017. You can watch/listen to the album here on our YouTube channel. You can purchase the album by clicking the download link below.



Laetitia et Fils


“Laetitia et Fils” (Laetitia and sons) is the vlog of Laetitia. Here she shares on topics of faith, family, and womanhood for a French-speaking audience. Her goal is to aid women and young mothers navigate different topics which are relevant in todays world.

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