Stephen Taylor
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We are the Taylors. Stephen, Kristen, Seth, Silas, and Rosalie.We live simple. We drive a minivan, homeschool our kids, and have lovable pet boxer. Our greatest mission is guiding our children in the instruction of the Lord, and really we just like having fun. We are missionaries, scientists, explorers, and pirates. As is expected, Here is our classic bio, in the awkwardly cumbersome 3rd person form.

Over the course of the last decade Stephen & Kristen Taylor have been full time volunteer missionaries serving in Youth With A Mission, and have traveled around the world ministering in over 20 nations. They are currently pioneering a YWAM base on a New England organic dairy farm! At the farm they train missionaries for the field, both foreign and domestic. They equip young missionaries with the intention of sending them into every sphere of society, being faithful to the call to “Go into all the world making disciples of all nations.”

The Taylors also do specialized mission work using sustainable agriculture for third world missions. With this skill set they equip their missionaries to work in any nation in the world.Their students are trained to be effective in bringing not only the gospel of Jesus, but to also bring solutions to nutritional problems of any nation, on any continent, in any climate zone. Their long term project is partnering with the indigenous church amongst the Tarahumara people, an unreached semi-nomadic group in the mountains of the Sierra Madre, Chihuahua Mexico.