Chris Cirullo
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Hi there friends!

We’re the Cirullos (a.k.a.”Team Cirullo”) and we’re really excited to share a bit with you about the calling that the Lord has placed on our family for 2024 and beyond through The Spark Network ( and through our household.

If you’ve known us for any amount of time, then you know we are deeply passionate about discovering how Jesus wants our family to partner with him in His mission.

We’ve always jumped on opportunities to explore what He’s up to and how He might be asking us to partner (events, groups, worship nights, retreats, etc.) based on the promptings and leading from Jesus as to how to make disciples. But for years we had a hard time finding the right equipping to see this actually happen in our Western context.

By God’s grace and faithfulness, over the last 5 years we have discovered and participated in several incredible coaching and equipping environments (1000 Houses, We Are Church, Caesar KalinowskiKansas City Underground) that have given us the tools, accountability, blueprints and encouragement to see disciples made in our city and surrounding neighborhoods through the household and table.

We continue to receive weekly coaching, spiritual and strategic direction, and accountability in the areas listed below…The calling on our family is simple but focused:

1.) Activate and help unify the “City Church” in Eugene, OR. Our unity and love for one another are the things that Jesus himself prayed for so that the world around us would recognize God and believe in him through us.  Primarily through city-wide prayer efforts, we aim to help facilitate a growth in unity and love across the churches in the region. Eventually, our vision would be to see a 24/7 prayer room resourced where churches are partnering in prayer at all hours of the day, seeking the welfare of our city.

2.) Live on mission as a family and leverage our home and assets. Reach not-yet believers through both prayer and relationship-building and also activate the existing body of believers through prayer, hospitality, and teaching – in and through our home, and around the table, as often as possible.

3.) See Biblical communities of believers emerge and multiply across the city. We aim to plant The Gospel in areas of Eugene and as a result, see Biblical home gatherings develop – led by mature and qualified leaders.

Again, these are areas in which we have invested countless hours to understand God’s heart and will. We’ve been engaging in these efforts as a family for years, but feel led to enter into a season of even deeper focus and intentionality for this Kingdom work and to multiply it across the city. This work requires time and resources that we don’t yet have access to but are believing for God to provide through family, friends, and other churches and organizations that share in this vision of city-wide alignment, prayer, revival, and renewal.

That’s where your partnership comes in. If you’ve seen Kingdom fruit coming from our family and desire to support the work we are doing, we’d be honored if you would consider partnering with us in all 3 of these three ways:

1) Prayerfully- Experience has shown us that prayer movements preceded disciple-making movements. We believe that God has made a sovereign decision to connect His actions to our prayers, and we greatly appreciate your partnership in praying for the Kingdom work happening through our home.

2) Actively– If you are local to the Eugene/Lane County area, we would love to lean on your spiritual gifting to provide a more complete expression of the Body in our community. If there is any specific gift/skill you have that you think might serve the efforts of our prayer initiatives and/or gatherings across the city, we would LOVE to partner with you in this way!

3) Financially– In this season, we are looking for financial partnerships that will free up more of our time and allow us to engage more effectively in the mission as described above. I (Chris) recently felt the Lord leading us out of the corporate workplace and into entrepreneurship to free up time and space for more of his work. This also means stepping into a season of dependence on God to provide for our family in new and unique ways through our own business. We want our primary source of finances to always come from “tentmaking” ventures instead of donations.

That said, our ministry becomes sustainable and more impactful through both one-time gifts and monthly recurring donations that help free up more time for active work in the community. If you would like to partner with us financially, you can do so by clicking the link below.

If you have any questions about our ministry or would like to set up a call to learn more, you can book a call here, email us at, or call/text us at (541) 520-0961.