Zach & Ranae Shaner
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Team Shaner City Missionaries – Dayton, OH


Meet the Team

Zach and Ranae have been married for 10 years. They have both done ministry and mission in the states and all around the world. Before moving to Dayton they were in full-time ministry in Goshen, IN at LifePoint Church. 


Alivia Shaner 

My favorite things: Dancing, coloring, reading my bible, and praying to God. 

Team Strengths: Fun, Creative, Includer & Visionary/Dreamer.

Jediah Shaner 

Favorite things: Climbing stuff, building Legos, & playing sports.

Team Strengths: Empathy, Critical Thinker & Service.

Elias Shaner 

Favorite things: Building Duplo’s, playing soccer, & hunting for dinosaurs.

Team Strengths:Compassion, Determination, Intelligence & Defender.

Malakai Shaner 

Favorite things: Exploring, laughing with others, giving hugs. 

Team Strengths: Joy & Peace


Our Vision 

To see the city of Dayton transformed by the Gospel, through 1000 households of faith on mission.

Our Mission

-Transforming families into households of faith through gospel-centered discipleship and coaching.

-Equipping and sending households of faith into gospel-centered mission. 

-Expanding the kingdom by planting gospel seeds through community.


It starts with our household.

First and foremost, our desire is for this mission to be carried out in and through our home. We envision our home being a space where wanderers can experience the tangible presence of Christ.

Then a network of missionary households. As we train, equip, and coach other households, a network of missionary households will emerge. We envision this network working together toward gospel saturation in the city.


Why this and why now?

60%of the US population is disengaged with the church.

40%of the US population is engaged with a church.

10%chance that if you were born after 1984 you are involved with a local church.


The mission field is expanding.

Today, more people in the U.S. enjoy Sunday brunch than a Sunday service. While the goal isn’t church attendance, the statistics on church attendance reveal a drastic shift in the spiritual climate in the west. This is exciting because the mission field isn’t just across the ocean, it’s now on our street. But in order to reach our neighbor, we need to do the work of a missionary.


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Our mission is in partnership with One Thousand Houses.