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Hola :) Let me introduce myself. I am Sarah Thompson a 24-year-old originally from Maryland who would have never in her wildest dreams think she would be living in South America, speaking Spanish, and serving as a full-time missionary!I have been full-time boots on the ground missionary in Lima since June 2019. Previously I spent 6 months in Peru in 2018 as an intern serving with Camino de Vida, (which means Way of Life) an incredible multisite local church with a heart for the lost and a focus on outreach and the next generation. After returning to the States in December 2018 I was invited to return and work as a full-time missionary at CDV. I love what I get to do and I am so honored that I have been called to serve at Camino de Vida. Camino de Vida is a thriving church with 7 campuses (currently all online because of a Nationwide lockdown) located in Lima, Peru pastored by 2 incredible missionaries, Robert and Karyn Barriger, who planted CDV over 30 years ago. We believe that Jesus is the hope of the world and the church is a bridge to knowing Him as a personal Savior. We aren’t the biggest church in Lima, but we are one of the most influential churches in Latin America. We are a dynamic church with 1,000s of volunteers every weekend with the vision to have a 1st world church in a 3rd world nation. Every weekend 1,000s of people gather online in their homes across Peru, Latin America, and the world to hear and participate in one of our 7 online services. 


Experiencia CDV I currently have the honor of being apart of the Experiencia CDV program that we have here that works to mobilize young adults into the world of modern missions.

Personal Assistant 
I am the assistant to one of the executive pastors and missionaries on staff here at Camino de Vida, and I love getting to help with all the things that are happening in the church!

 Ministry looks different these days. 

With international borders still closed, a pandemic still taking place, and all church services online for the rest of 2020,  serving has taken on a whole new role. I have been a part of many new and exciting things these last months. I have helped translate materials into English because we now have a message every Sunday offered to English speakers. I am also helping teach Growth track (cdvs version of membership classes) to English speakers as well. Our goal has always been to connect people to the local church and how exciting that now more people can call Camino de Vida home. I am co-leading a girl’s small group for our ministry school students every Tuesday. I have loved getting to know them and lead them. Leading and sharing in a new language is not for the faint of heart but it is so worth it! From marriage conferences, small group events, youth ministry services and so much more. This year is different but the church is doing more than ever before! 


THIS IS MADE POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF YOU! I am a part of the missionary staff here at Camino de Vida, but I do not receive any type of payment from my church. Crazy right?! Peruvian law actually does not allow missionaries to be paid through their churches (aka if they pay me I can be deported or arrested). But God is not bound by limitations! So I live in faith, trusting that God will bring people along on this journey with me (people like you) who believe in what He is doing here in Peru and who want to invest in it through me. If you feel led, I would be honored if you partnered with me, both prayerfully and financially. You can make one-time donations or recurring monthly support (both tax-deductible) as I minister to people in Peru. If you would like to know more about current financial needs please reach out to me!  Monthly support could look like $10, $20, $50, $100, $250, etc – follow the link to help me live out what God has called me to. Your generosity helps to fuel my generosity. Thank you!You can also give through Venmo (@sarahethompson_17) Cashapp ($sethomp2370) or by check (please email me for the address)