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What is Missions tou Xristou?

To begin with, “tou Xristou” is biblical Greek for “of Christ,” so “Missions tou Xristou” is “Missions of Christ.” My primary vision for Missions tou Xristou is to partner with local churches in ministering to their communities in Valle, Honduras in order to grow God’s kingdom by discipling members for service and evangelism.

Where am I?

Valle, Honduras: One of 18 Departments that make up the country of Honduras, Valle forms part of the Pacific coastline, along with Choluteca. While the capital of the Department is Nacaome, San Lorenzo is a vital port, not only for Honduras but for the international community as it is one end of what is known as the “Dry Canal,” an alternative to the Panama Canal. With beaches and volcanic islands as well, Valle is well known in country as a popular tourist location. Because of all this in addition to the Pan-American highway, this southern Department sees a lot of travelers passing through some of the main hubs. However, in the rural areas, especially up in the mountains, there are many who live in relatively isolated communities.

Who am I?

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, where my family was heavily involved in starting the Hispanic ministry at our church. Later I graduated from Harding University with a degree in Spanish and went on to pursue a Masters. While I was looking for a job as a university professor in Honduras, God called me to full-time mission work collaborating with brother Claros García and learning from him.

What’s the plan?
My plan is to seek Christ’s plan for my life and those around me.

Past and continuing work: While I was in Honduras last year from January until June I served as pastor Claros’ assistant and apprentice. I helped him in his service to three different congregations in San Lorenzo, Nacaome and Hondable, including preaching and teaching, leading worship and prayer, starting youth programs, visitation and evangelism among other pastoral care responsibilities. I also used this time to learn as much as I could about the people, the culture, the churches and many of the how-tos related to the work we were doing. As I return to Honduras I plan to continue in this while I train others to replace me in these roles which will free me up to focus on the future of Missions tou Xristou.

Planning and preparation: In the near future I will be working to lay much of the groundwork for what I believe God has laid before me to do. Several aspects of the plan for Missions tou Xristou will require the development of relationships and resources with a lot of preparation work. While I continue to serve with brother Claros in these congregations I plan to begin working on what I can while building proper foundations for the rest.

Future goals: In about 5 years I plan to have a para-church organization that will fulfill the vision of partnering with local churches in ministering to their communities in Valle, Honduras in order to grow God’s kingdom by discipling members for service and evangelism. This will include programs for children and youth and ministries for the poor while primarily focusing on spiritual education and equipping local believers to serve in their congregations. In this way not only will there be a network of community outreach among the local churches, but these will also serve to train Christians to go and serve others wherever they find themselves, in whatever church they choose to attend.

How much do I need?

My current monthly fundraising goal is to reach $1,250 for myself (which includes travel to the US for fundraising once a year) and $200 specifically for ministry expenses for a total of $1,450 a month..

There are also several one-time needs for both myself and the mission (such as furniture). If you would like more information don’t hesitate to reach out to me and ask.

Contact Me

If you’re interested in learning more or know someone who is, please contact me and we can set up a meeting. I’m more than happy to share about the work in Honduras or just about culture, history, language and religion. Also I have resources you can share with others or with churches so feel free to contact me about those as well.

Joseph Paul

Missionary in Valle, Honduras

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