Angela Van Dinter
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Angela and Reggie are commissioned Evangelists and Missionaries under Luis Palau’s Global Network of Evangelists and Freedom Fire Ministries, United Kingdom


Angela and Reggie have been in Ministry for over 30 years altogether. Both have a deep love for the least, the last and the lost. Together and separately they have ministered in different nations around the world, teaching, equipping and empowering the body of Christ to live everyday sold out lives for Jesus.

They both carry a deep love for Jesus and are based in North Manchester and have travelled across the UK to preach the Gospel, minister to the broken-hearted, working with local churches and ministries and visiting ancient wells of revival. They have travelled individually and together to Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, America, Chili, Philippines, Israel, Argentina and across the UK to see people encounter the love and presence of Jesus in all their meetings.

They have seen many healings, salvations, deliverances, miracles and simply people encountering Jesus. Lives have been changed and impacted as Angela and Reggie simply obey the voice of the Lord to go to the places where He sents them to minister. They have been able to train and equip evangelism teams and empowering churches and ministries in the prophetic, creativity and power evangelism.


“To be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus everywhere we go”



“Reggie and Angela are committed to preaching the Gospel in the UK, Europe and Beyond by all means necessary”


What we do:

  • Campaigns in partnership with churches and ministries
  • Evangelism and missions consultancy
  • Teaching at churches, conferences and other events
  • Mentoring evangelism teams, prophetic teams and creative art teams
  • Speaking engagements in churches
  • One on one coaching
  • Tailored outreach events
  • Evangelism training days and weekends with practical application 


If you want to know more about who we are or you would like to partner with us in any way, please do reach out to us via:



Angela Van Dinter

What others have to say about us:


It is my pleasure to commend to you Angela and Reggie. Feargal Sharkey wrote the song ‘a good heart these days is hard to find ‘. If I was to describe Reggie and Angela Van Dinter it would be to use the expression ‘ good hearts ‘. They are passionate lovers of God and people. Innovative, prophetic, pioneering with a strong passion for social justice, the miraculous and mission. I recommend them to you…….you will be blessed!

Apostle Mark Curtis


Team Leader PFJ Ministries


Reggie and Angela are a wonderful couple whom I have known for many years. Both are passionate for Jesus and live lives of integrity and love. They are encouraging, winsome and carry a burning desire to reach the least, the last and lost with the Gospel. I have seen first-hand how they can naturally share the Gospel and lead someone to Jesus in any situation, such is their love for God and passion to make Him known. Both Reggie and Angela are a gift to the body of Christ!

Evangelist Reuben Morley
Evangelist / Author “The Introverted Evangelist”


I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Reggie and Angela several times over recent years across the South of England. They have a fantastic passion for the Gospel, as well as the prophetic. We have seen Jesus heal a number of people through them, as well as many lives transformed by their ministry.

Prophetic Evangelist Mark Edwards
Evangelist / Youth Pastor / Rapper at McTempo