Willem & Erna Vedder
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We are Brazos Abiertos (Open Arms), a ministry from Youth with a Mission Lima, Perú. In 2011 Brazos Abiertos was given life by a team of 5 devoted missionaries with a passion for families.
With this passion on restoring the image that God had and has for families, they started working in the slums, just outside Lima. We have been part of the team since 2015.

Many families from all over Peru ended up there hoping for a future ownership of a little piece of land, coping with all the difficult circumstances around it.
The area where we work is known for the great amount of slums which appear and grow in great velocity. Brazos Abiertos is at the moment the only ministry who work in a community called Nueva Juventud, a slum which counts more than seven thousand people.
In every activity we offer, the focus is to equip the family and bring them under the wings of God. We use some special values, from which one of the most important is: YES……I CAN !!!Because of the low self-esteem and the lack of stimulation, many people feel destined to stick in poverty, both physical as emotional. We try to teach them to dream again and focus on goals in life.

The activities we offer during the week are:
– Preschool for children ages 3-5 and a primary school
– Afterschool program for primary school children
– Teenagers club,  Women´s club, Mens club, Reading and writing class for adults, Family and individual counseling, Bible club and a Church.

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We would like you to get involved with the ministry that God placed on our hearts.

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