Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein
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Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein have a passion for the people of Northern Uganda and are spending what would normally be considered retirement years serving there. They focus their energies on sharing God’s love by bringing marketable skills that transform lives in Northern Uganda, Africa. Long time followers of Christ, they are firm believers that God’s love is shared through doing. Their heart cry is for all to know Him, and to have dignity by the ability to support themselves and their families.Yvonne and Jeff operate a Mission House where Ugandans learn to use computers and sewing machines. Computer skills remove one barrier to employment. They also are equipped to sew beautiful quilts, bags, table goods, and other merchandise which are sold to support their families.Jeff was a Trails and Open Space Planner, and Yvonne a School Librarian and Technology Skills Teacher at a middle school prior to retirement. They have been married for 35 years and have three adult children, Jonathan, Rachel, and Jacob. Jeff and Yvonne have lived in Southern California almost their entire lives, the past 35 in Riverside, California where they are members of The Grove Community Church.For more information about their ministry go to: