Wesley & Alison W
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Wesley and Alison are missionaries with human trafficking abolition and prostitution. They met in 2012 after Wesley had just returned from a mission’s trip to Zambia, Africa. At that time, Alison was on the mission field with Exodus Cry screening their film, “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.” Along with her team, she screened the film in Wesley’s hometown of Wichita, KS six times and they began their friendship on social media while Wesley attended school and worked as a server and Alison traveled as a missionary with human trafficking abolition to Las Vegas and San Francisco with YWAM and Thailand with Destiny Rescue.

They were then married in March of 2015 and currently volunteer with Victoria’s Friends, an Atlanta-based ministry to strip clubs as Alison goes with a team of women into the clubs and talks/prays with the girls, while Wesley talks/prays with the guys entering/exiting the clubs. They also enjoy fulfilling the Great Commission together through doing prophetic evangelism all over Atlanta and on short trips to various cities throughout the United States.

In addition, they are currently enrolled in the Pursuit Internship at The International House of Prayer Atlanta, but will be transitioning to Kansas City, MO in late November to volunteer with Exodus Cry and The International House of Prayer Kansas City with further plans to move to Thailand.

Alison and Wesley are committed to the restoration of children, women, and men (living the transgendered lifestyle) who have been rescued out of trafficking and prostitution. Consequently, God is calling them to start restoration houses with houses of prayer inside them in strategic locations throughout the world.

Alison has an extensive tool belt of inner healing techniques and a Master’s in Biblical Counseling that she utilizes when meeting with women who have been trafficked (recently with a woman who was trafficked by her father). Wesley feels compelled to do spiritual warfare, evangelism, and inner healing (recently in assisting Alison). He also hopes to help with the business side of starting restoration houses.

In their free time, Wesley enjoys playing the guitar, meeting friends for coffee, and reading, while Alison enjoys worshipful dance, journaling, and meeting with friends. Together, they enjoy traveling, cooking, and hiking to waterfalls.