Zachary Burke
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I didn’t feel a call towards missions until my first year of bible college after I realized I wasn’t supposed to be a mechanical engineer. Through opportunities at school I was able to travel on several trips overseas which flamed the fan of my heart for other cultures, languages, people, and loving them for Christ through everyday life situations.
Most recently I was able to intern with Josiah Venture in Slovakia. We set out to organize, lead, fill in gaps, and train people to run English teaching, sports, and music camps in order to reach the youth for Christ. I was able to partner with Josiah Venture which is working in around 13 central and eastern european countries along with Kompas which is a national organization in Slovakia. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to go back because of my school debt, but I have been given an opportunity to work at a Christian school as an English teacher. My vision is to love on these students while impacting them in everyday life showing them who Christ is through my life. I will also be able to work alongside Josiah Venture and Kompas staff and be part of all the different programs and outreach opportunities they use to reach youth, disciple, and train local church leaders to do the same.