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Greetings family & friends from Wolfsberg!

We are writing with joy and thankfulness to you all for your love, prayers, and support.  Since the Christmas Season, when we last wrote to update you all, we were in a fight to stay in Austria. Our paperwork for our visa was not accepted because of a small technicality, and it looked like we would possibly have to go home, or travel outside of Austria for some time.  Our host home family went to battle for us, and now nearly 3 months later we have our visa to stay in Austria until November 2010! Thank you for all the prayers for this matter.

What’s Happening?

As a team over the past two months, we have been strengthened by the presence of three more team members who had been in the States waiting to return.  Steve Espamer, the Father to our team and pastoral leader, has helped our team focus our vision, and create specific strategy to carry it out. Steve and his wife Kathleen are committed to seeing a revival start in Wolfsberg, and spread to the rest of Austria. Jeff Mitchell, along with his girlfriend Emily, are here also for 3 months. They carry compassion and power to help the young people right where they are.

Youth Group

UP! Is the name for the group of young people who come together Friday evenings to hear the word, enter in to worship and HAVE FUN! This past month’s theme was LOVE! March will be themed around “ Wake Up – The time is now” Youth retreat with special guest Bryan Leach!

One of the things that we were praying for throughout the summer was to be able to have a youth room of our own. We had been holding our weekly youth meetings in the church sanctuary, but we needed a place that the young people could call their own. God has succeeded our request, and we now have our own room for UP youth, as well as a monthly youth budget to get all the essentials for youth ministry! The room was pretty empty at first, but God surprised us again with a shopping spree! We were able to equip the UP Youth Room with new couches, a microwave for popcorn, Nintendo Wii, Dart Board, and Foosball, and Ping Pong tables.


Silvia and her boyfriend Stevie experienced God in powerful ways during the summer months that we spent here. Unfortunately after the couple months that we spent away from Austria we were unable to connect with them again when we returned in November 2009. Now after being here again for 3 months these two gems have returned with more passion than before. Recently they were at a conference with other youth from UP, and they were both baptized in water. At this event Silvia prayed for a man with one shorter leg, and saw the power of God through her as the leg grew out right in front of her eyes!
One of the team’s highest priorities is to connect with Heaven in Worship and Prayer. Thursday nights there is a LIFE meeting devoted to bringing the Kingdom to earth in this way.

The parents of Silvia from our Youth Group have been affected in their family and marriage by the work of the enemy. Recently the doors were opened for Steve, Kady, and I to have relationship with them. Talks over dinner, and coffee meetings have turned into deep conversations about Jesus, leading to prayer times with them together. He has had his hope in God sparked again as we prayed prophetically for him. She has been given joy and strength after we prayed one evening specifically for her about not being able to sleep through the night. The next day she shared with a big smile on her face about her wonderful night of rest! God is invading their household and family!

The best reward that we can ask for here is to see the young people we are reaching out to really take a hold of the truth and run on their own with it. Anja is one of our friends here who has done that in amazing ways. She is one of our core students who is passionate about seeing God’s power transform the city, starting with anyone she can get her hands on! She prays for her class mates and friends from school, and at Friday night UP meetings she is the one the other girl students are looking up to, and are willing to receive from.

We Need Your Help!

We are extremely grateful for all that you, as family and friends, have done for us individually and now together in our missions trips over the last 6 years!  Collectively we have taken the Gospel to 8 different nations and none of that would have been possible without the prayer, financial, and relational support from each one of you!

Since our first visit to Austria last April we have spent 7 months in Wolfsberg, sowing into the ground seeds for revival to come to this nation, as well as reaping a harvest of souls, from seeds we have and haven’t sown. It is an honor to carry this message of truth and love in Christ Jesus to the nations, see lives transformed and hearts brought to life again! Our work with the young people of Wolfsberg is the most invested mission that we have done thus far. We left our home, families, jobs, and culture to be here for this time and believe that God is prospering those sacrifices to be here. Our plan is to be here until the fall, and we are praying about what God has for us here beyond that.

In order for us to continue the work God has given us to do here in Austria we are asking for your support again. You can be praying that God would reveal His plan for us, and open doors to carry it out, pray that Kady and I would have wisdom to lead our team, and heavenly strategies to reach the young people here most effectively.

Financially we need to raise a total of $1000 monthly to cover our financial needs. If 25 people could give only $40 a month we would have our needs met every month!

We thank you all for the way that you are involved in bringing the Kingdom to Wolfsberg!

Dylan & Kady Krause

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the Krauses of $40 a month, please click here.

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