War Against Human Trafficking!

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Missions Articles

Redeemed Ministries continues to go forward in the aggressive war
against Human Trafficking and rescuing victims.  It is their goal to
disciple girls into a new beginning  and hopefully a sound
relationship with Jesus Christ.  Presently we are opening an initial
facility for rescue and evaluation of a lady rescued.  After 30 days,
she will then be moved into the Safe House, more settled, committed,
and agreeing to a year of discipleship.  This will be located in
Houston, TX and probably will be filled most of the time.

We are excited to share, that Redeemed has a NEW website full of
information, easily assessable, and user friendly.  There are
opportunities to be involved, future goals and projects that are in
progress NOW.  We have a blog that is available through the website: , a FB page Redeemed Ministries.  You will
find lots of encouraging information about the Safe House, sparrow
activities, photos, and updates and invites to conferences,
orientations, legislator progress, and expansion of the RM.  We hope
each of you will become friends on FB with Redeemed Ministries and
keep on the cutting edge for information.

By December 2015, we are projected to have the NEW 12 bed facility
built and ready to occupy by qualified sparrows.  Our vision is
increasing, our staff growing stronger, and God is making the
impossible happen for our ministry against human trafficking and
restoring these women.

Redeemed Ministry was one of the H.T. ministries that Natalie Grant
chose to interview in the documentary that was released into stores by
Word January of 2015 called In Plain Sight.  Bobbie Mark, director of
Redeemed Ministries was interviewed in our Safe House and did a great
job in the interview as well as some of our sparrows.

We are privileged to be a part of the team working directly in the
Safe House with the sparrows.  The experience we are having is fresh,
crisp, and remaining on the cutting edge of human trafficking.  We are
battling in court for the real truth of our sparrows to be represented
as trafficked women, not sex offenders.  Presently, one of our
sparrows is completing her DTS with YWAM!   We are very excited about
her step into this new beginning and what it has meant in her healing.

We have included a peek of the new Safe House and please check out the
web site, FB page, and blog.  Keep yourself informed and even donate
to this cutting edge work against the war of Human Trafficking.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the Browns, CLICK HERE!!

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