Our church is always looking for places to serve and people to help. Last November we found out about two sisters that just lost their mother. Andria 25 and Diana 17. Their step dad killed their mom when they were all at home and the girls could have been killed too. By the grace of God they were left unharmed. The step dad went to prison and the girls were left alone at home.

When we heard about their situation, volunteers from our church went over to their house to comfort them. When we arrived we saw how bad of shape the house was in. The house is 3 stories and 30 years ago it would have been considered a very nice place. But it has not been taken care of properly and is now a disaster. There are water leaks in the ceiling in the kitchen and living room. Holes in all of the doors. The kitchen is not even usable. Only one bathroom works. The garden in the front and back yard is completely dead. The paint is chipping in every room. There is no way these girls could fix everything that needs to be done and no way they would continue living there alone with their house in that condition.

After that day we were over at their house every week helping them clean, get rid of their parents old things, encouraging them and loving on them. It’s been a slow process because it’s now 3 months later and we are still not done with the house. Our church has pulled together and donated different things to help them. This week we are actually able to get more work done then before and get the house to a livable state. There is a mission team from the states that has decided to invest in these girls. With this team we have been able to buy a whole new kitchen set so the girls can cook, brand new bathrooms, windows, replace the ceiling where there were waters leak, repaint the whole house and bring life back in the house by redoing the garden! Although it’s been a slow process we have been able to spend more time with the girls. They have started coming to church and little by little their joy is being restored. It’s amazing to see the process.

We were talking with Diana yesterday and she said that she never would have imagined people that she didn’t know taking time to invest in her and her sister. Because we continue to be present in their life, she has restored her faith in God and knows now that he has not given up on them.

By: Paige Wingfield Solis

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