Many people have been on short-term trips throughout the nations that have left them wanting more. Time is such an important commodity on the mission field. Nothing happens over night. More time in the land, more time with the people, more time to plant seeds! Maybe they are not ready to give the rest of their life to being overseas, but somehow, they want to make a greater investment. If this is you, we could have just the thing you are looking for.

Modern Day is partnered with great Field Workers in 50 different countries. Modern Day is offering 3 month to 18 month internships with Field Workers around the world! It is our desire to connect your vision and passion with the experience and leadership of our Field Workers.

Experience The Next Level Of Missions

7 Steps To Becoming A Modern Day Intern:

  1. Download the application Here or Apply Online.
  2. Fill out the application and mail it back.
  3. Upon your acceptance, we will begin dialoguing about the details.
  4. Next, we will connect with the Field Workers to make sure there is a fit for you.
  5. Then, we will connect you with the Field Workers of the nation you choose to begin building relationship.
  6. Once your location is settled, you will begin preparation for starting your internship (raising funds, buying tickets, passports,etc..)
  7. Departure and being on ground as an intern!!


For any question you might have, please send your email to

You Like What We Do

Our First Modern Day Intern

If you're thinking about going on an internship with Modern Day Missions, and you believe it's something God might be leading you to do, I only have one word for you...go! I know people take the phrase "it changed my life" and tack it onto anything from a new kind of ice cream to a message they heard in church. But believe me when I say, God used this summer to change my life. I have learned things that I know are going to be impacting me for the rest of my life. Modern Day Missions is a wonderful organization! If you or anyone you know of is looking for an opportunity to learn more about mission work and is wanting to serve people in another country for a bit, I cannot recommend Modern Day Missions high enough to you! I'm so thankful God led me to go with them. Interning with them in Peru has been such a wonderful experience!

Joanna Sutton