Emily Mintz
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Missionary in France

My Mission

Bringing joy to the nations & discipleship to the next generation.

Why Paris?

– It’s the capitol of the French speaking world- As one of the most visited cities on the globe, it’s a connecting point between the nations- It’s central location creates an ideal launching pad for missionaries to the rest of Europe, Arica, the Middle East, & Asia- With 9.7% (6.5 million people) of the population being foreign born, the nations are on our doorstep !

Who am I?

Since I was a kid growing up in Missouri, USA, I’ve always had a heart for the nations! I’ve been a Nurse since 2014, but in 2017 I joined missions work and now volunteer full time to help those in need.I’m part of a pioneering team starting the new missions campus YWAM Paris Connect by Paris, France, with the global movement Youth With a Mission. Through ministry, training, & discipleship, I feel called to equip this next generation to reach places in the 10/40 window (a zone with the most resistant sections on the planet to the gospel), to serve in France (a central nation that connects all corners of the world) and see God transform it, and to see lives changed from Europe, to Africa, Asia & the middle East.

YWAM Paris Connect



We run 5 Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) every year, plus other seminars and workshops. DTS is a training program that seeks to bring youth into a more intimate relationship with God as well as train them in missions and how to make God known. The students come for 3 months of lectures, then 3 months of outreach. We host around 100 students every year!​

I get to teach, serve, and disciple the next generation through this time as they grow with God and go through weekly lectures like The Nature & Character of God, Worship & Prayer, Relationships, Evangelism, Missions, & more!

International Ministry

Every quarter, we send out missions teams to different nations around the world! In the first 4 years, we’ve sent over 30 teams to 41+ nations! International ministries include serving local churches, evangelism, mercy ministries (relief work, food programs, homeless ministry, etc.), medical aid (from hosting health clinics, to health care education, and midwifery), and even hosting sports or community events to share the love of Jesus! We have a special focus on going to the 10/40 window nations, where the gospel is least known.

Local Ministry

We go into the city of Paris weekly, sharing the gospel, praying for others, & serving through a variety of practical ministries to impact the city. Such as homeless feeding programs, serving at local churches, city-wide prayer, teaching English, and even aiding women in the red-light district.We also host a summer outreach called Paris Je t’Aime, where we host around 200 missionaries every year, and go into the city for a focused outreach!We host missionary teams from all over the world who have a heart to come to Paris and see God bring transformation.

More About Ministry

Join My Team:

I am ALL IN!

In 2017, I took a leap of faith, sold my car & belongings, and now am raising 100% of my income in order to serve in the slums of Paris & be a full-time missionary to Europe, the Middle East, & beyond.

Will you stand with me?

Please pray about partnering with me monthly or giving a one-time donation to help support my mission & ministry.​I am so grateful for your generosity& humbled to have you on my team!

Thank you!

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