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Josh AldrichMissionary to France

BackstoryIt all started at a youth camp in the French Alps in 2004.  I was a missionary kid to France and had just gone through a major depression and had tried to commit suicide only a month prior.  During one of the worship services, I told God He could have my life and asked Him what He was calling me to do.  He showed me a vision, in which I saw myself playing guitar with a band in front of thousands of people who were worshipping God in French.  There were Haussmannian buildings and French architecture surrounding us.  Ever since that moment, I knew God was calling me to music ministry in France and the rest of Europe.

My Involvement Horizon Sénart & ParisIn 2013, one of my childhood friends asked me to return to France and help his worship team arrange and record their first live worship album.  After a 5-month missions internship at Horizon Sénart (our church in the south suburbs of Paris), God strongly confirmed that I was where He had called me to be; and that He’d use our worship to help bring revival to France and the rest of Europe.  I’ve been a missionary to France for 7 years now!  I met my wife while working at Horizon in 2017 and got married last summer!  We worked as the creative directors at our Horizon Sénart campus for one year before moving to serve our new church campus in central Paris.  I serve as the worship director for this church plant.  This campus is located in the “Marais” which is in the heart of the jewish and gay neighborhood of Paris.  Both of our campuses are houses of prayer and our calling is to minister to the heart of God and disciple believers.  We also has a school of ministry, where we teach discipleship, worship, spiritual warfare and many other courses.  Horizon Louange Horizon Louange is our traveling worship band and was birthed inside our local church.  I compose, arrange music and play electric guitar for the band.  We’ve recorded three live worship albums, as well as a Christmas EP!  We write mostly original songs but we’ve also had the privilege of translating a few American songs like “Lion and the Lamb,” “King of my Heart,” and more!  We’ve also started recording some of our worship songs in English, Italian, and soon in Portuguese as well!  Our calling is to create a meeting place with Jesus thru worship, to light a fire in the hearts of young people and motivate them to use their gifting’s to reach France and the rest of the world for Jesus.StoriesGod’s opened many doors to do music ministry over the last few years.  We’ve been able to travel all over France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Israel.  We are planning traveling to Canada and Brazil very soon as well.  One of our first songs, “Que Ton Règne Vienne,” now has over a million views on YouTube!  This video was filmed on a rooftop overlooking Paris, where we declared His Peace and breakthrough over France.  We’ve had the privilege to lead worship for Todd White at the RJ Conference in Switzerland, the DNJ Conference in France gathering 5000 French youth, and at a Holy Spirit Night with other worship leaders like Martin Smith and Bryan & Katie Torwalt from Jesus Culture.  In 2018, TBN Israel invited us to come to do a live TV worship set in Tel Aviv and visit Jerusalem.  Our firm belief is that just being with Him and sitting in His presence changes everything.  We’ve seen people come to Jesus, deliverance from spirits and addiction, and people healed!

One of my favorite moments in was at a youth conference in Rome, Italy.  The church had hired a young lady (who wasn’t a believer) to do sign language for the event.  During our worship set, while translating one of our songs thru sign language, she dropped to her knees and started weeping.  The teenagers she had been helping came and knelt around her and led her to Jesus thru sign language.

We released our third worship album this Spring called “Minimal.”  It’s an album full of acoustic versions of our songs and spontaneous worship moments.  It has a very raw/living room feel to it.  We didn’t want to edit this album and hope everyone that listens to it feels like they’re in the room worshipping with us.  We really met with Jesus during this worship recording and we hope it blesses you!  I’ve added a couple music/lyric videos from this album as well as some worship videos recorded during confinement for our online services.

Stream/buy Horizon Louange’s “Minimal” album here!

PurposeThere’s something so powerful about worshipping the Creator; God comes down and meets people where they’re at.  After all, this is what we were made for, isn’t it?  To worship and have communion with our Creator?  People’s baggage and oppression from the enemy can’t stand in the presence of God, and worship creates such a powerful opportunity for people’s lives to be changed forever.  The Bible has so many examples of walls coming down, chains falling, and evil spirits leaving people while worshipping and being in the presence of Jesus.  God still works in this way today, and I’m so humbled to be able to serve Him in this way!Your Involvement It is such an honor to get to love on and minister here in Europe, and to be a bearer of His presence!  Partner with me and help us knock down spiritual walls across France and the rest of Europe!  I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without amazing people like you partnering with me financially and through prayer!  Our church and band has come under several heavy spiritual attacks ever since the start of our ministry.  Your prayers are greatly needed.  “Thank you” to all of you who have partnered with me and sown into what God is doing here in France!  If you’re not already, pray and ask God about partnering with me either short term or long term!  Please share my Modern Day profile link with your friends, pastors, and churches that have a heart for France, Europe, missions and music ministry!  I can’t do this without your help.  I’m available and would love to talk with you over FaceTime or Skype, concerning any questions about my ministry.  I love and appreciate you all so much!Josh Aldrich




56 Rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris, FRANCE


(+33) 7 69 19 83 90 


Here’s a few music videos of our worship band 

One of our first worship songs, declaring God’s peace and breakthru in France.

The French translation of Way Maker, recorded this summer during one of our online worship services.

A couple worship songs and worship moments from our acoustic album, “Minimal”.

The French translation of Reckless Love, recorded this summer during one of our online worship services.

Our French translation of King of my Heart, from our second live worship album recording.

Our song “Tu Reviens”, about Jesus return, which was filmed in Israel.