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Tom Gustafson and Save All Nations Ministry partnering with Modern Day

Save All Nations exists to see the multitudes of the nations saved by the name of Jesus. We exist to preach the gospel and lead people out of the bondage of sin and into eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Philippines January – March 2017

Once again the fire of the Holy Spirit was falling in every place we went. We saw an entire Christian school transformed by the power of God. Almost all the students had tears running down their faces. They were being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. In our 4 nights of crusades we saw over 100 people receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Many were also being miraculously healed. We prayed for one man with cancer in his blood who was healed by the power of God! After receiving healing he flew to Saudi Arabia to go to work! God is doing great things in the Philippines. We saw several churches receive a mighty baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire. Now, these churches are going out into the streets with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Philippines October 2015

The Holy Spirit fell on many believers in a powerful way and many were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Everywhere we went the fire of God was falling. In the two night crusade held in the covered basketball court there were countless souls saved. We are seeing a move of God in the Philippines!

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Save all nations’ vision is to know Jesus and make Him known all over the earth until the nations are filled with the glory of God. It was birthed in the place of prayer. As I was praying in 2007 God said, “I’ve called you to China.” The next year He said, “I’ve called you to Africa. Africa shall be washed in the blood of Jesus!” In 2014, I finally stepped out to do a crusade in Uganda. What God did there was astounding! In 6 days of outdoor meetings over 120 people were born again, countless were healed and delivered, and the last night over 50 were baptized in the Holy Spirit! Since then, I have been to Uganda again, Kenya, the Philippines, and the Himalayas. I have stepped out of America and into the nations by faith. The only things I need to accomplish what God has called me to do is to have a burning relationship with Jesus and your partnership. Would you like to join in on what God is doing in the nations?
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Until the nations are washed in the blood of Jesus!

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Kenya and Uganda 2015…

Read about what God did there and watch the video below!

In June of 2015, I traveled to Kenya and Uganda. In Kenya we had an outdoor crusade in the market place. In this video you can watch as people respond to give their lives to Jesus Christ. We handed out 50 bibles, preached the gospel in 7-8 schools, saw many people healed of diseases, and hundreds give their lives to Jesus! God is doing amazing things in the nations of the earth and you can be a part of it!

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In the fall of 2016 I stepped out and headed to the Himalayas with a team from Youth With a Mission. We spent two and a half months ministering to Hindus and Buddhists there. We gave out hundreds of bibles, ministered to those involved in human trafficking, went into the slums to preach to the poor, and ministered to the church there. God taught me how to slow down and meet with these precious people on a relationship basis. Through friendship we saw many give their lives to Jesus! God is continuing to move in the nations. People are hungry! The harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few. I am willing to be a laborer for Jesus!