4 Simple Steps to Receiving More Missions Donations This December Than Ever Before

Dec 4, 2023

Hey missionary, did you know that with a few simple steps, in December you can double what you receive in a typical month? People WANT to give right now…are you poised to receive their gifts? We want to show you how!

You might be thinking, Don’t give me one more thing to do! I’m a missionary, I’m in ministry, and I have a thousand things on my plate right now with Christmas coming! And some of you are even traveling! We get it, so we’ll make this as simple as possible. This is critical, so don’t let your busyness or travels cause you to push this back!

First, a quick explanation of why and how this trend happens:

The Year-End Giving Surge

Year-end giving is the time of the year when nonprofits eagerly look forward to a surge in donations––that’s you! Specifically, the last month, especially the last four days of the year, show a shocking increase in contributions. For missionaries, comprehending the significance of these final days is crucial.

Consider these mind-boggling stats taken from the data on our Modern Day missionaries: If a missionary typically raises $1,000 a month, they can expect to receive $1,600 to $1,800 in December alone.

But it gets even better. During the last four days of the year, missionaries participating in year-end giving campaigns can raise an additional $950 to $1,450. That’s nearly double their usual monthly amount!

Why the big jump in donations?

Donors are inclined to give during this period…it’s just a part of the American mentality around this season. People feel generous and are on the lookout for worthy causes, organizationss, and people to give to. 

People also want to take advantage of tax benefits and may not have given all they need to give to hit those markers yet. They are pressed to give and give quickly before the year ends. So, this makes December a prime opportunity for missionaries to maximize their fundraising efforts.

Supporters not only give more often during year-end but they also tend to give in higher amounts. On average, donations outside this period may be under $200 each, while during the last four days of the year, they can soar to almost $450 per donation. 

If people are already giving, won’t they just automatically give to me? Do I really need to do something?

Nope. Year-end giving will not just automatically flow your way! Over 50% of our Modern Day missionaries historically received NO donations during the last four days. To ensure success, you have to be proactive.

So, what should it do? Let’s break it down.

Four Recommendations for Missionaries to Maximize Year-End Giving

1. Early December Newsletter

In the first week of December, send out a year-end newsletter. Share the year’s successes, challenges, personal stories, and exciting plans for the upcoming year. Express gratitude to your supporters. This serves as the initial touchpoint to keep them engaged.

2. Last Week of the Year: Direct Ask

In the final week of the year, send a direct email asking for a year-end donation. Be clear and specific about your request, leaving no room for ambiguity. Provide a convenient way for donors to give, such as a big, colorful “Donate Now” button.

3. Personal Communication: Say Thank You

Express gratitude by getting personal, whether through a text, phone call, or in-person visit. Thank your supporters for their partnership throughout the year. A heartfelt “thank you” can go a long way in fostering donor loyalty.

4. Flood Your Social Media

During the last four days of the year, intensify your online presence through social media and email. Share your year-end giving campaign, request donations, and create awareness. Don’t be afraid to post multiple times, as recipients are most likely inundated with similar requests during this period. 

You may not know this, but social media algorithms are drowning you out, so you’re not being seen even a quarter as much as you think you are! You’re not bugging people. They might not even be seeing what you’re posting, so get extra active!



  • People are looking to be generous during this time. 
  • Repetition in your communication can help cut through the noise.
  • Share your story, share your stats, and share your vision.
  • Make giving to you clear and easy, such as a visible giving button.

We are excited for you to take advantage of this golden opportunity to secure essential funding for the year ahead. You can do this! Your supporters, and other people who may have never given to you yet, are thinking about who they would like to sow into with their end-of-the-year funds. So, be proactive, make the most of this powerful fundraising month, and see what God will do!


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