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  • Statistics for: Asia

  • 81 Missionaries
  • 14 Countries
Asia is home to 50 total countries with a combined population of just over 4.5 billion people. There are 7,380 people groups and 5,326 (72.2%) are unreached. The population in the unreached groups is 2.7 billion people. Professing Christians make up 8.8% of the population and of that 2.8% are Evangelical. Lands previously cut off from overt Christian ministry are now home to dynamic, growing churches and unprecedented numbers of believers. This started with China in earlier decades, then moved to the former Soviet countries in Central Asia, the Caucasus Republics and Mongolia in the 1990s, and most recently in a number of Southeast Asian countries. Even in the heart of the Muslim world, thriving ministry to Christian populations (and other expatriate, non-Muslim peoples) is happening. Only in Saudi Arabia and Maldives are there no public-meeting Christian congregations; even in these countries (and many others), there are numbers of believers meeting together privately or in secret. - Joshua Project & Operation World